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Vince Botto Jr. Associate Clinician


  • Master of Science - West Chester University

  • NJ Licensed Associate Counselor - #37AC00769400

  • NJ Alcohol & Drug Counselor Intern - #2024000064

  • National Certified Counselor - #1729417

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer

Vince is Licensed in the State of NJ as an Associate Counselor, his passion for counseling taking shape as he began to experience his own personal journey. Vince believes that every individual has the capacity to thrive, provided the right circumstances, and endeavors to make that the focus of the therapeutic relationship.


Vince operates from the Wellness Model, which focuses on the person holistically. Through training in nutritional coaching and personal training and with his knowledge of our body’s needs physically and nutritionally, he explores the mind-body and mind-gut connection in his work.


Vince is a keen reader of psychology, sociology, political theory, economics, and philosophy. If he had to describe a perfect day, it would be his feet in the sand with a book in his hand, overlooking the waves at the beach.

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