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Depressive Disorders are one of the more commonly treated mental health conditions. You may feel alone, but there is hope.


Feeling overwhelmed or on edge and not sure how to cope? Mindful and cognitive strategies will help restore your thoughts and feelings


There are times when distress tolerance and emotion regulation are difficult to manage. Find your balance in wellness.

Substance Use

Substance Use Disorders can cause lasting impacts in many areas of life. Considering if you have a problem? Support is here.


Family members of a person with an addiction are in need of help as well. You can receive support even if your loved one is not ready.

Process Addictions

Addictions are not limited to substance use. Other behaviors, in excess, can cause life challenges. Adapt to a healthy lifestyle here.

Emerging Adult Issues

Young adults transitioning into independent living may struggle at times. Evaluating skills, setting goals, and tracking all within reach.

Family conflict

Family Conflict can turn the home into a battlefield. Explore patterns of communication and learn how to rediscover balance.

life changes

Major life events, some anticipated and others unexpected, can lead to changes that are difficult to adapt to. You're not alone.


Evaluations may be needed from time to time for work or school purposes. Our qualified professional can provide this service for you.


Disordered Gambling is a problematic behavior for  many reasons. Seek support  as soon as possible before the steaks get too high.

Sexual compulsions

Sexual action out can have many consequences on health, relationships and self-esteem. Explore what healthy sexuality means for you.


Exploring and coming to terms with sex & sexuality is a very intimate process. Everyone needs a place to process their experience. 


The one thing we know to be true - there is no handbook. There is no shame in  struggling with parenthood. Explore, evaluate, evolve. 


There are times in life when mental disorganization will lead to physical chaos. All is not lost. Working with a professional can help. 


Anger is a natural human emotion. When we act on it, however we may find lasting consequences. Strategize on anger management here.


Bipolar and other Mood Disorders are characterized by rapid, cyclical shifts of emotion and behavior. Learn to see the signs & recover.


If you've ever been told that you don't look before you leap, you know all about impulsivity. Gain skills to slow down decision making.

Inquire about how counseling can be helpful for you
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