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Empowering communities

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

- Ram Daas

Destigmatizing & Prioritizing

mental health

through community education

It should be as common to see a counselor for psychotherapy as it is to go to a general practitioner for a medical check-up. Through research, advocacy, and community efforts, behavioral health care has been made more accessible to everyone, however many barriers remain. Of those barriers, the stigma associated with mental health treatment is arguably the most notable.

NJ Recovery & Wellness places a strong emphasis on community engagement as a means of promoting wellness from within, believing wholeheartedly, that as humans are social creatures, we thrive and heal in our community groups. We engage our community through educational seminars, workshops, and events intended to destigmatize mental health conditions & substance use disorders, educate on timely and thought provoking topics in behavioral health, and providing resources to individuals, families, and local organizations that can benefit. 

NJ Recovery & Wellness collaborates with school and community groups to provide topical behavioral health education to students, families, and communities.

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Schools &
Community groups

Offering differing perspectives on recovery and wellness is valued in small groups and large.

Annual conferences and conventions have worked with our staff to facilitate keynote presentations across the state


Continuing Education (CE)  training is essential for those who work with mental health conditions & substance use disorders.

NJ Recovery & Wellness offers periodic community trainings that will offer credit for CE's.

Continuing Education Seminars
Bring NJ Recovery & Wellness into your community
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