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NJ Recovery & Wellness is a counseling and consulting group in New Jersey with physical office space in Florham Park.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorders through Counseling, Consulting, and Community.

To learn more, please navigate through this site to explore our                and how you may benefit from a consultation. To meet our team,                   .

Group Lecture

We do not need magic to change the world; we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already... We have the power to imagine better.

- J.K. Rowling


Paul Lavella Jr MA, LPC, LCADC, ACS

Paul is Licensed in the State of New Jersey as a Professional Counselor and a Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor, having worked in mental health since 2004. His passion for counseling first took shape in his work with adolescents and young adults, and over the years of practice and experience, has rooted and grown in other areas of wellness.

Paul identifies himself as a functionalist, firmly believing that everything that exists is present for a reason, and carries this perspective into his counseling, collaborating with clients to determine the roots or underlying causes of the distress that manifests in day-to-day life. Operating within the Wellness Model, Paul focuses on the inherent strengths each individual has and weaves these assets into a personalized wellness plan with aims to address and resolve the reasons why counseling was sought out. The ultimate goal of counseling is to no longer need it. "Wellness lyes within; Sometimes we just need another perspective to tap into it."

Paul is an avid reader. He enjoys travel, cooking, and time with family. Paul also advocates for those with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

About Paul
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