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Wellness within Reach

A Fresh Perspective on Wellness, Mental Health & Behavioral Health.

NJ Recovery & Wellness is an Outpatient Counseling Group Practice in Florham Park and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our team of certified, licensed clinicians is dedicated to improving the quality of treatment for those seeking services for mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorders. We pursue this goal through Counseling, Consulting, and Community.

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NJ Recovery & Wellness primarily focuses on helping others heal with office or telehealth-based Counseling. Counseling can be done individually or with couples, families, or groups. Interested in therapy?

NJ Recovery & Wellness works with Behavioral Health Organizations, regardless of size. Our consulting focuses on giving a fresh set of eyes to approach a project or provide innovative training for Clinical or Administrative staff. Consulting helps other helpers.

Community education and engagement are essential in developing healthy children, teens, and families. As such, NJ Recovery & Wellness endeavors to provide timely, relevant workshops on community education and prevention. 

NJ Recovery & Wellness has office in Florham Park and Cherry Hill, NJ, offering convenient accessibility from the many counties throughout the state of New Jersey:

  • Bergen

  • Burlington

  • Camden

  • Essex

  • Gloucester

NJ Recovery & Wellness Clinicians also offer Telehealth services, expanding access to people throughout the state!

  • Hudson

  • Mercer

  • Morris

  • Somerset

  • Union

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